Legs.......$25 - $40

Arms......$15 - $40

Bikini.....$25 and Up

Chest.......$15 and Up

Back.....$25 and Up

Abdomen...$15 and Up

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Oxygen Treatment Facial NEW!
   It’s a breath of fresh air for your face!  Our Oxygen Treatment Facial gently
exfoliates and brightens, while sterilizing the skin.  This treatment is appropriate for
most skin types, and is particularly therapeutic for those with concerns of acne and
hyperpigmentation. Known for reducing bacteria, promoting collagen production,
softening skin and making extractions easier, this facial is a must try!

Microdermabrasion Facial
Indulge yourself in the ultimate anti-aging treatment! Exfoliation is key to diminishing
fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring.  Reveal cleaner smoother skin with each
microdermabrasion treatment.  Your face will thank you!

Vitamin C Facial
This facial is packed with antioxidants and vitamins to fight free radical damage
and erase signs of aging such as uneven tones and texture to achieve a more youthful complexion

Xscape's Customized Peels

Strip away the damage caused by the sun, acne, wrinkles, scars and inevitable aging.  
Tell those damaged outer layers where to go and improve your skin's texture.  
Enjoy the benefits of firm, more youthful skin.  Compliments will be the norm!

Xscape's Customized Masks
Uncover the perfect glo!  Combat de-hydrated, acne-prone skin by giving your skin
something to brag about.  Our exquisite facial masks are customized to your skin type,
and pamper your skin, exposing a vibrant and fearless you!

Gentleman's Xpress Facials
Yes!  We cater to men too! Take charge and reveal younger, better conditioned skin.
Our Men's Xpress Facial targets skin that has been damaged
by daily outdoor elements.  Lay back, relax and enjoy facial, neck and shoulder
massages to drain away stress and tension......then FACE the masses with a
refreshed, more youthful and confident YOU!
Xscape Massage & SPA
One Hour Glo Facial
One Hour Microderm Facial
Gentleman's Xpress Facial

ALL SATURDAY appointments
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