Cell Phones:
Please turn off your cell phone when you are receiving your massage so you can relax and
not disturb others. Cell phones are not allowed inside the treatment rooms. Please keep
your conversation at a low volume. We try to keep it as tranquil and relaxing as possible.

If you are uncomfortable with anything during your session like the pressure, the
technique, the temperature, please feel free to let the staff know. We will provide you with
the most optimal environment so you can enjoy and relax while we take care of you.

We have both male and female therapists. Let us know at the time of booking an
appointment if you have any favorites or if you have enjoyed the services of a particular
therapist on a prior visit, you may request that person. We will try our best to satisfy your

During your treatment, you may remove all your clothes except your undergarments.
Therapists will leave the treatment room while you get under the sheets on the massage
table and they will keep you covered all times except for the body area they are massaging.
They also will leave the treatment room before you get up from the table. However, if you
don't feel comfortable doing this, feel free to leave on any articles of clothing you choose.

Medical Conditions:  
If you have any type of medical condition be sure to mention it when you book your
appointment. Also, before your treatment begins let your therapist or aesthetician know of
any medical concerns. Tell the technician if you are wearing contact lenses or make up
before you have a facial. Men should shave at least 2 hours before their scheduled
appointment for facials.  
We do Prenatal Massage after the 3rd month of pregnancy.

Gift Cards:
Gift cards or certificates may only be used for spa services. Gift Certificates are
non-refundable and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift Certificates ordered online will
be sent via first class mail within 24 business hours of order date.
(Weekends & Holidays excluded).
The purchase of any discounted packages, series packages, or pre-paid services are

ALL SATURDAY appointments
Xscape Massage & Spa (678) 765-7895
Xscape Massage & SPA


When you have scheduled an appointment with a member of
Xscape Massage & Spa’s Staff, you have reserved a
specific window of time that is exclusive to only you.

Should you anticipate the inability to keep your appointment
or foresee that you are unable to arrive at the scheduled
appointment time, please call ahead to reschedule or to
make us aware of your lateness.  Declining to do so refuses
our professionals the opportunity to receive compensation
(planned or otherwise) for their services and their time.

Please allow 24 hours prior to your appointment for
cancellation, and if possible arrive 10 minutes earlier than
your appointment time in order to receive the full allotted
time scheduled.

A $25 Fee will be charged for No Shows and
Last Minute Cancellations.
You will be required to pay this fee prior to your next
appointment with us.

We ask that you please exercise consideration and
accountability so as not to infringe upon the potential income
of our hard-working and dedicated professionals.

Please understand that we will not be able to accommodate
for excessive lateness by the Client. Clients will be able to
receive only the time left in their appointment.

Should we exercise the right to accommodate a late arrival
you will receive a courtesy call advising you of a potential
delay in the schedule, allowing you time to relax in our
relaxation room prior to your spa session.

Thank you for choosing Xscape Massage & Spa! We value
your decision to seek affordable luxury, health and wellness.
We strive daily to continue to provide you the best possible
experience at an affordable price.